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Custom Retail Buidl Out-Store with Gas
Sasa Builder has extensive first hand knowledge about retail store industry. By the passage of time, we have learnt both what it takes to build stores and what it takes to operate them successfully.

We design retail stores for both large and small retailers. Our specialty is "bang for buck" and our goal is to create stores that both "look good" and "sell goods". With your help we collaboratively create stores that come in on time and within budget while fulfilling your retail vision; fun, interesting, unique and compelling stores that will become your customers favorite place to shop.
We are known to manage all our retail build out projects with on-site resources, providing services to our valuable clients in multiple scenerios:
  • If you already own a store that simply needs an upgrade, we typically ask for pictures of the store and a wish list of changes that they would like to see. These might include signage, finishes and colors, fixtures, layout, lighting, etc. We then mutually determine if you need a site visit followed by an audit of design related issues so you can pull together a game plan and a budget or if you are currently ready for a redesign and remodel.
  • If you are planning a remodel or are leasing a new store, we can help them create within realistic budgets and time lines. Sasa Builder can provide stores design and construction and prepare design drawings that include Store-front, interior, colors & lighting plan and graphics & brand development
We also work with our client's to insure that the product merchandising is consistent with the design of the shop. There is no point in designing a great looking shop and then having the merchandise displayed improperly.

In addition many of our clients look to Sasa Builder's experience in the field. “We want our clients to focus on building their businesses while we focus on building their stores”.