Online Gambling As a Social network

Every day we can read in the marketing boards, that the Internet livetoto88 is a great social network, where we can interact with other people and also have the opportunity to learn, sell, buy services, and even falling in love.

Now the question is: Is the Online Gambling a part of these social networks?
The answer is yes and no.

Through the Internet we can bet on those games that are played individually, and those in which we will need to interact with other people, such as poker and backgammon.

Clearly, a game like the roulette, is not a game suitable to build relationships, as the odds of contacting other people are virtually nil.

But when there is for example with a game like poker?

The advent of the Internet, has turned this game of skill very popular in the past. Every day men and women can enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes, participating in a lot of tourneys, gambling very little money and without having a lot of experience. If we think that unhappy people can spend some fun gambling on poker and earning a few dollars, we are obviously in the presence of a social game. In addition the gamblers becomes integrated with the on-line poker room, because every day they publish the names of winners, future tourneys, strategies and invite the members to the discussion boards, where they can discuss strategies, styles and much more.

When there is with Bingo? Whilst in bingo the players do not address directly, it is very interesting to note the virtual communities that are formed through this game. The bingo boards are very popular, and is very common to see the players engaged in friendly relationships and sharing interests very different of those of the game, such as health, holidays, family etc.

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