Kitchen Trends for a Trendy You


You want to be in style and to stay attuned with all the latest fashion and decorator trends. Why shouldn’t your kitchen be as up to date as you are? Following are some of the Natural wood cabinets hottest Kitchen Trends you may want to implement into your kitchen design to make it as current as you are.

1. Color is in. Gone are the days of the all white kitchen. Brown is particularly a la mode right now, but grays, blues and greens are also fashionable. Refacing your cabinets in a colored laminate is one way to incorporate this trend. Vivid mosaic backsplashes and cork flooring are also drawing rave attention from kitchen designers.

2. Dramatic impact makes its mark. Unique and strategically placed windows, multi-leveled center destinations, open kitchen designs with cozy adjacent sitting nooks, built-in sitting areas, and kitchens that are kid friendly are widespread right now in Kitchen Trends.

3. Pantries are made to be seen. That’s right, what was aforetime known as a kitchen storage eyesore is now becoming a feature attraction of the room. If you need lots of storage space, try a walk-in pantry. If space has reached a premium in your kitchen, a built-in pantry may be a better option. Whichever you choose, make this latest trend a center point of your kitchen design.

4. Sophisticated splashes are making a comeback. Beamed ceilings, antique decorative items, impact-adding molding, dramatic lighting, and porcelain and ceramic backsplashes can all atart exercising . major trendy wow to your kitchen.

5. Redecorate around a theme. Keep things believable by designing your kitchen around a feature that’s authentic to your properties age. Or, resurrect the hottest centuries-old trend with a feng shui friendly kitchen that revolves around the energy-enhancing arrangement of its furniture pieces.

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