Character Traits

Special rules (TRAITS) are exceptions to the basic rules and always override these. To execute one of the special rules the character must have it (see Character Card) and fullfill all the requirements and Action Counters costs.

Action Counter costs usually are indicated in parentheses next to the name of the rule description.

If a rule does not specify when it can be used, it is always in the character’s turn, unless is a passive rule, which can be be played during the opponents turn.

The basic BMC and the JC is 12cm and the character does not spend any MC to move through a Difficult Obstacle or terrain, Jump or Get Up and can move through other characters. Characters with Acrobat also have the special rule Dodge.

At the beginning of the Raise the Plan phase, you must choose between Attack, Defense or Move abilities, until the end of the round the character receives +1 to the chosen ability.

AFFINITY to: (character).
This character can be recruited as a Free Agent by the Band of the indicated Affinity: character even if it has the Leader or Sidekick rank.


At the end of the round this character must move closer to any other character than it started (friend or foe), until it is base to base contact with another miniature. This character must also attack the closest character (friend or foe) if it can.

When falling this character makes an agility roll, if successful ignore damage and knocked down effect.

Place an Explosive Template (Circular) anywhere on the table. For this round the area affected by the template is considered under the effect of Light.


This character does not spend MC to move through Difficult Terrain water.

If you are in base contact with a KO character you may remove it from game as Casualty.


Roll a die for each hit recieved, a result of 5 + ignores the Impact.


Roll a die for each hit recieved, a 6 result ignores the Impact.

Spending 1SC prevents damage or being knocked down from a Jump or Fall. This can be used as a Passive rule.


This character can move to a point up to 30cm away. Draw a straight line between the characters starting position and finishing position, this line must be free of obstacles and not go through any solid terrain element. This movement can pass through any gap that would fit the character’s volume.You must be able to stand the character at its end point.It can only be used to move between significantly different areas of the board (with a minimum difference in height and/or length of 10cm. This movement spends all the character’s BMC, however, you can still use MC to move as usual before or after this movement.

BIPOLAR (Mental Disorder).
Roll a die or flip a coin at the start of this character's activation, if the result is even/heads this character gets 1 extra Action Counter (AC), if it is odd/tails it loses one.

BLOODTHIRSTY (Mental disorder).

At Raise Plan Phase if this character has a Damage Marker, he gains 1 Free AC. (This Ac count for the maximum of the character can award to Attack Ability).

BODYGUARD (1SC Passive).

If a Leader or Sidekick receives an attack (of any kind), while within 5cm of a character with Bodyguard, the Bodyguard receives the attack instead.

This character allows you to re-roll its Collateral Damage die, but you must accept the second result.

Firearms Weapons require a 4+ to damage this character, instead 2+.


If at any time during your turn this character is in base contact with a KO character (friend or foe) you must perform a Motivation roll. If you succeed you play your turn normally, if not the character must spend 2 Action Counters to devour the KO character immediately. If you don’t have enough counters this character must remain stationary until his next turn to try to devour the KO character again provided only if the KO character is in base contact with the Cannibal.
A Devoured character is retired as Casualty.

Catcher Gear cancels the weapon rule Tough if a character wearing it is hit with such a weapon.


Your Band can align 1 Free Agent for every 100 reputation points, instead 150.


This character’s Unarmed attacks produce damage () .

This character does not need to spend MC to Climb and this movement is not considered Disabled. Also, if you spend 1SC you can finish your movement at any point, even on the side of a wall; clearly indicate where the character will be positioned on a wall.

COMBO With: Weapon.

For every 2AC spent using the COMBO: Weapon this character gets 3 Strikes.(these may be distributed on different targets)


This character can use the Rule Arrest paying only 1MC.


Once per turn you can choose an enemy character which this character can See and is within 20cm. Reduce the target characters Attack and Defense by 1 and they cannot use SC. These effects last until the end of the turn.

You can choose an enemy character which this character can See and is within 10cm, The Target suffers the Effect Hypnotized.


During this turn,If this character Blocks a hit, this character can make one Strike against his attacker. This counter-blow or shot is considered simultaneous to the attack.

The first time this character achieves a KO or Casualty on an enemy character it receives +1 Willpower until the end of the game.


For each Detective character you have in your Band, you can cancel an opponent’s Pass at the beginning of each round.


This character’s ranged weapons have the rule Light.

Once per turn, this character can reposition two action tokens on an enemy character which he can See.


Once per turn, this character can reduce the Willpower of an enemy character which he can See by 2. This effect last until the final part of the Raise Plan Phase.


Once per round, you can choose a character that this character can See and is within 10cm. The targeted character reduces his Defense 1 point until the end of the round. This effect doesn't stack.

DODGE (Passive).
You can use MC to avoid Ranged Attack Impacts. Each MC spent allows an Agility roll, each success cancels an Impact.

ELITE: Type.
Your Band can only include 1 Elite character of each Type.
Your Band can align any number of Elite characters of the type indicated.

ELUSIVE (1MC Passive).
Spend 1MC to get +1 to Defense against Ranged Attacks.This effect doesn't stack.


This character’s targets have a -1 penalty to Blink! rolls.This effect doesn't stack.


If a character with Explosive Gel Manipulates a lamppost, Sewer Marker or urban furniture place on it a Gel Marker. During any subsequent round this character can destroy the selected item and remove it from the game spending 1SC.


Can re-roll the MC used to move. You must accept the second result.

If you Manipulate a Flare, all the playing area will be under the effect of Light till the end of round.


Aligned Henchmen within 10cm of this character get 1MC. This can be used once per turn.


Football Gear cancels Sharp and Tough if a character wearing it is hit with such a weaponGOOD AIM (1SC).
This character ignores the Aim rule with his ranged weapons.

One time per round, this character can attack 2 times in a turn with ranged weapons. Each attack must be paid in AC.


This character does not have to spend MC to Manipulate.


The first Damage Marker (X) this character receives each round, becomes a Damage Marker (O).

HATES: Band/s

This character may not be aligned with the specified Band/s.

HENCHMAN (rank).

You can include any number of Henchmen in your Band. All Henchmen can use the special rule
Let´s Go!.
Some Henchmen can be aligned more than once in the same Bands, this will be indicated with a “*” next to Henchman rank.

This character can be deployed anywhere in the playing area, but always more than 10cm from any objective.


Hockey Gear cancels Sharp if a character wearing it is hit with such a weapon.


Removing this character as Casualty grants VP as if he was KO.INFORMER.
You can Pass one more time in the Execute the Plan phase.


This character does not reduce the number of AC he generates after accumulating Damage markers.On earlier cards this is listed as Insensitive.


All Henchmen of his Band and within 10cm of this character receive 1 Action Counter you can assign to the basic ability you want. This can only be used once per round.

You have one additional Pass during the Execute the Plan phase.

When he KOs an enemy character, flip a coin or roll a die: if the result is heads/even remove the KO character as a Casualty.


At the beginning of the game remove 1 opponent’s die or counter from the bag or container you use to Take the Lead. This subtraction can make the game end before the established minimum number of rounds.
All the Henchmen receive the Trickster Trait.

Reduces 1 Damage Marker whenever you receive damage, to a minimum of 1.


All Henchmen of this character’s Band and within 10cm of this character get 1 AC. This can be used once per turn. LANTERN (1SC).
If not in contact with an enemy, can illuminate (see Light) an area of 10cm diameter around him until the end of the round.


These characters are usually twice the size of a standard human, so they are mounted on a bigger than normal base and have the following special rules.
Big characters BMC is 12cm. In Falls and Springs into the Air they only receive damage for every 10cm difference with its JC, instead of every 5cm. It cannot be Pushed or Grabbed and cannot be Knocked Down (KO), except by the attacks and weapons labelled Big.
Big caracters suffer a -1 on all Blink! rolls. Big characters also have the special rules Resilient and Charge.

When this character Manipulates a Laser, if you can draw an interrupted straight line to another character (he must See the target character). , the targeted character is under the effect of Light until the end of the round.
When this straight line becomes interrupted the target won`t be under the effect on Light.

LEADER (Rank).
You can only include 1 Leader in a Band and the character must always be the Band Leader. A Leader’s Band Henchmen within 10cm can use the rule Let´s go! without spending SC. Leaders can use Inspire and to re-roll a Willpower roll, you must accept the second result.

LET´S GO! (1SC Passive).
When a Henchman from the same Band ends its turn, roll a die. If you get a 4+ another Henchmen from the same Band that has not yet activated and has Lets Go! activates without giving the opposing player the ability to activate one of his characters.

If you use Let´s Go! consecutively by several Henchmen, you should increase the difficulty of the roll by 1 per each use, after the first time, second attempt succeeds on a 5+; third and subsequent attempts need a 6.


A Band led by this character has $500 more to create the Band and may take an additional Objective: Loot.

Killer Croc does not count toward the limit of characters that can be in the sewer. Killer Croc can start the game inside the sewer but he must remain in the sewer for at least one turn. His Band generates 1 extra Sewer Marker.

Spending 1SC can re-roll any roll that affects the character directly, including Impact rolls against him. You must accept the second result.

This character ignores the Numerical Inferiority rule.

This character receives a +1 on Impact rolls when Unarmed.

Can re-roll Impact rolls of his Ranged Attacks. You must always accept the second result.


At the beginning of the game add 1 die or counter of your Band to the bag or container you use to
Take the Lead.

All Henchmen of the Band of this character get a +1 to the roll of the rule Let´s Go!


When attacking a character who is suffering Numerical Inferiority in close combat, this character gets an extra stike against the outnumbered character.


This character can See at any distance.

OBSESSIVE (Mental Disorder).

When this character attacks an enemy character, it must continue attacking him (cannot change target) until he KO’s the character. This character also gets +1 to Strength against the enemy character.

This character has a -1 penalty to Block rolls.


Once per game, instead of attacking, this character can choose an enemy character that he can See within 20cm. The targeted character receives an automatic hit Strength +2, damage () and CRT: Casualty.


This character can use Order on a friendly character it can See, the chosen character can immediately reposition up to 2 Action Counters. It can only be used once per turn.

PARANOID (Mental Disorder)
At Raise Plan Phase if this character has a Damage Marker, he gains 1 Free DC. (This DC count for the maximum of the character can award to Attack Ability).


If this character can See an enemy, at the end of this character’s turn, he can force the enemy character targeted to be the next to activate, only if the targeted charcater hasn’t activated yet.


If this character uses Manipulate while in base contact with a KO character he can Steal.

To remove Poison tokens inflicted by this character you must roll 3 dice instead of 2 removing the lowest result.


Ignore the first 3 Damage Markers received afterwhich it cannot be used again until repaired. During the Casualties Phase, Instead of making a Recovery Roll you can use 2SC to repair the armor, making it operational again.
This armor is vulnerable to Fire, so each Fire Marker received causes damage (XX).

The Riddler always wins 3 VP when trying to solve an Enigma Marker. The enemy can’t re-roll their attempt when they fail to solve an Enigma.


Before starting the game, you must choose 1 Objective of the indicated Type. If this character controls it, it gets 1 additional VP.


This character’s Willpower never changes under any circumstance or rule.

This character automatically solves the Enigma objectives without rolling the dice. He can also play Psychoanalysis.
• Psychoanalysis (1SC): Cancels all the special rules called Mental Disorder of any character he can See within 20cm.


When using a ranged weapon this character gets +1 Rate of Fire, even in a turn he moves.You can use this rule one time per round.

This character can re-roll failed Agility rolls, but must accept the second result.

This character’s Unarmed attacks produce damage ().


This character can re-roll failed Endurance rolls, but must accept the second result.

This character’s Unarmed attacks produce damage () and are considered Sharp (see Weapons).


This character is immune to the Arrest Trait.


If this character is in the Band that Raises the Plan first, you can always make X number of characters Raise their Plan after the enemy.

This character’s Special characteristic is 4 instead of 3. If this character is removed as a casualty, he is worth one additional VP.


Before starting the game subtracts 1 Strategy point from your opponent (see Strategies Section).

This character ignores 1 Blink! with each shot, the Shooter cmust chose which is ignored before rolling.


You can only include 1 Sidekick, unless you choose a Sidekick as Band Leader. In this case you may include a second Sidekick. Henchmen of his Band within 20cm of this character may reroll the rule Let´s go!.


This character’s BMC is 8cm and receives +1 on Blink! rolls.

Enemies can only See this character, if he is within 20cm. He can still be Seen by other rules like: Light, Total Vision or Superior Smell...

STOP! /HALT! (1SC Passive).

Using this ability interrupts the activation, and prevents the use of MC, to an enemy character he can See.


Gets 1/2 additional Strategy points at the beginning of the game (See Strategies Section).


This character can use Crouch without spending SC.

This character cannot Manipulate under any circumstance.

This character loses 1 Action Counter for every 3 Damage Markers received instead of 2.


This character doesn’t need an uninterrupted straight line to See his target. Anything within 40cm can be Seen even if the target is not under the effect of Light. He is also immune to the Blindness effect.


This character receives 3 Block dice for every 2DC spent against an attack.

Henchmen in this characters Band within 10cm receive 1DC. This can only be used once per turn.

This character receives +1 to his Attack and Defense values when he has at least 1 Damage Marker.


This character can Run by spending only 1SC.


You can use a Titan Dose more than once per game, but no more than once per round.
If, at the beginning of your turn, this character can See a Titan Container Marker, he must move all the character’s available movement in a straight line to the Titan Container Marker. You can resist this by spending 1 Action Counter of your choice.

TITAN DOSE (One use only).

If a character has a Titan Dose he may use it, in the Raise the Plan phase, if Titan Dose is used, the character obtains +1 to all values Principal Characteristics during this round. A character can only use one dose during the game, a second will kill him.


This character benefits from the Night Vision Trait. In addition his line of sight can cross any obstacles or terrain element, although you cannot shoot through these elements, unless the weapon has Remote Control.TOUGH SKIN.
In damage rolls against this character, always subtract -1 from the result.

At the beginning of this character turn can reposition his Action Counters.

TRUE LOVE: Character.

If the True Love: character and this character are in the same Band and the True Love: character is removed as a casualty, then this character gains +1 Willpower and +1 Attack until the end of the game.


This character can deploy up to 20cm outside the deployment area.


His SC can be used for any trait, Skill or Special Rule, as a wildcard. These Counters do not count the maximum allowed for the characteristic used.


At the start of his turn this character can reallocate 2 of his Action Counters.


This character loses 1 Action Counter for each Damage Marker accumulated rather than every 2 Damage Markers.


This character receives +1 on Impact rolls when they are not Unarmed.

Special Attacks

* These special attacks are considered Traits under all circumstances*

During their turn, characters can attempt to make a single Special Attack against one enemy (if they would have more than one as an option). This attack must be declared before rolling any dice, but can be done before or after other normal attacks. Special Attacks usually modify the effects of the normal attacks, so if you perform a Special Attack against a character, you may not Strike him again, unless otherwise specified.

To perform these attacks you must meet all the requirements and Action Counter costs. Many of them must be made Unarmed or with a particular weapon, if nothing is inidicated you can choose do it with any weapon or Unarmed.

360º ATTACK With: (1SC +1AC).

Can attack, for free, all miniatures 3cm or closer. You can only do it once per turn. Before or after this Special Attack you can attack normally.

When using this Special Attack; The character must move in a straight line, while performing this move they can Strike (or Push without spending SC) any characters in their path, displacing them just enough to pass. At the end of the movement he can attack normally.

When hitting an enemy character and using this Special Attack this character receives CRT: Casualty.

When attacking an enemy character they receive +1 to Strength.


When using this Special Attack; Centre the explosion template on this character, all characters partially or totally under the template (except the attacking character) receive one Impact at Strength +4 and Damage ( ). You can only use Electric Storm one time per activation, but you can attack normally before and/or after this Special Attack.

If you damage an enemy character, that character also suffers the Stun Effect.

If this character achieves a hit, the target is Knocked Down automatically.

When attacking an enemy character using this Special Attack, this character gets a +1 on the Impact Roll and can re-roll the Collateral Damage die. You must accept the second result.

This attack can only be performed if, at the beginning of the turn, the target cannot See the attacker. Target character cannot Block attacks.

If you damage an enemy character while using this Special Attack, the targeted character receives the Knock Down effect. If he is also Knocked Down by the Collateral Damage die, then the target character suffers an automatic Impact at Strength +4 and damage ().

THIEF With: (1SC).
When hitting an enemy character while using this Special Attack, this character receives CRT: Steal.
Weapon Special Rules

These weapons cannot be used if you move.

Broken Equipment.
chose one item purchased by the opposing player before the game begins. That item may not be used during the game.

If a character carries a defensive weapon, it allows him to re-roll the Block roll. You must accept the second result.

Instead of the regular weapon Rate of Fire, this weapon uses the Spray Template (see Spray Template).

When you Impact with this kind of weapon, an Explosive Template must be placed at the Impact point.

All hits using these weapons produce damage on a 2+. The carrier’s Strength does not count.

When these weapons are used, you can re-roll the Impact roll. You must accept the second result.

With these weapons, you can shoot even when your target is within 5cm. Their Rate of Fire will be 1 within 5cm.

All Impacts with these weapons produce damage with 3+. The weapon carrier’s Strength does not count.

(Costs 2SC) Once per game remove 2 damage markers from a character in base contact with this character

The maximum range for shooting with these weapons is reduced to 40cm.

These weapons provide +1 when rolling Block rolls. Furthermore, receive an extra Blink! after normal Blink! rolls have been taken into consideration. This last Blink! roll has a 4+ value against the enemy’s Ranged Attacks.

These weapons do not require being in contact with the enemy to hit him. They allow attacks within 3cm.

These weapons cannot be used during 2 consecutive activations. To reload the weapon it may not be used for at least 1 activation.

With these weapons, the figure has to be able to See the target, but does not need to draw a straight uninterrupted line to it. You cannot exceed the maximum range for the weapon to the target. All Blink! rolls will be ignored for the Strike.

When using this weapon, it provides Night Vision and ignores Blink! Rolls.

You can re-roll one damage roll. You must accept the second result.

The maximum range for shooting with these weapons is reduced to 20cm.

This weapon does not lose any Rate of Fire while moving.

When you use these weapons you get +1 Strength.


When an attack or weapon uses an Explosive Template, this template must be placed at the centre point of the target (or the obstacle Impacted by a Blink!) unless it is otherwise specified on its description.

All characters that are totally or partially under the template will automatically be Impacted and suffer any possible effect as per the attack or weapons description (unless the effect only triggers on Criticals, For example CRT:Freeze).

The weapons named with this Term (I.e: Flash Grenade) Can place the explosive template at any point in their range, following as usual the Shoot, Sight , Range and Blinks! Rules. To place the template on the chosen point, you must to roll a 3+ on a dice then resolve all hits, Damage and effects like the Explosive template rule explains. If you fail the roll the Template won't be placed and you lose the Shoot. The automatic Hits obtained Could be ignored with the Dodge trait.

When a weapon allows a Spray Template to be used, the player must place the narrow end of the template in full contact with the base of the figure which is using the Spray, and direct the other end in any direction the attacker wants. Afterwards, determine the Impacts and damage as the rule description indicates.

All characters that are totally or partially under the template will automatically be Impacted and suffer any possible effect as per the attack or weapons description (unless the effect only triggers on Criticals, For example CRT:Freeze). But the character can suffer different damage and effect depending on the position of the character inside the template.

The template has 4 range-bands marked by stripes; the closest indicates that if there are characters in this area no Impact is made, the following stripes are Lethal, Serious and Mild. A character between 2 damage stripes will always be affected by the narrowest.(The damage will indicated on the damage band of the weapon).

Character Traits

A character suffering from Blindness cannot See, cannot attack with a distance weapon and his Impact rolls and Blocks will succeed only on result of 6. Cannot use MC and furthermore, will have their move Disabled until this effect is removed.

Produces a Paralyze effect until the end of the round.

The target is displaced a number of centimeters equal to the result of the Collateral Damage die directly away from the attacker If the target can´t be Displaced the distance because of a terrain element, he receives an Impact at Strength 4+ and damage (O). If the target is displaced in a hole or off a roof etc , he suffer the rules of Spring Into The Air as explained in the rules.

Immediately loses “X” Action Counters.

If fire affects the figure, place a fire marker next to the miniature. If a character has two or more fire markers will receive a Damage marker ( ) per each fire marker. Spending 2AC allows to get rid of 1 fire marker. At the end of the round, if any miniature has at least 1 fire marker, he will get one more additional fire marker.

Produces a Blind effect until the end of the round.

It produces a Paralyze effect, until an Endurance roll is passed at the beginning of his next turn.

The affected character must pass a Willpower roll. If he fails he will become completely controlled by the player who is controlling the attacking character until the end of his next activation.

Place an Immobilized Marker next to the character. It cannot move or use MC, his Attack value is reduced by -1 until the effect is cancelled.
KNOCK-DOWN /FELLED (also written as KO)
A Knocked Down (KO) character must lay on the ground (or place a Felled Marker next to the character) at the same place it has been Knocked Down. A felled character cannot Attack or Defend itself, and it cannot use any Special Ability until he stands up. A character can move while Knocked Down, but his move will be Disabled. A felled character will always receive +2 Impact anytime it gets a hit. A character Knocked Down doesn´t grant the Blink! rule when shooting throught or above it.

Place a Paralyze Marker next to the character. A paralyzed character reduces his Defense value -2 and cannot do anything (he cannot Move, Attack, Defend, follow Special Rules, or use Action Counters) until the effect cancelation.

Poisons will be produced at the same time as other effects, as shown next to the Poison characteristics. If a character has several Poison effects, he must choose one before doing a Poison attack. If a character gets affected by Poison, place a Poison Marker next to the character and resolve the Poisons effect immediately. At the beginning of his next activation, he must make an Endurance roll. If the roll is not passed, the Poison effect will resolve again and continue to be active until he passes the next Endurance roll made at the beginning of an activation at which point the Poison effect gets cancelled. The same Poison effects are not cumulative.

A Shocked character cannot use Action Counters until the end of the turn. SMOKE. An area affected by Smoke will not allow character to See through it, and the characters inside it will be considered Blinded until the end of the round. Smoke dissipates at the end of the round. STEAL. If a character steals from an enemy, he can choose which of the enemy weapons will be stolen and they can use it afterwards. The stolen weapon cannot be used by the previous owner unless he gets it back. A character can only have one stolen weapon. If he steals more than one, he needs to choose which of them he would like to keep and throw the rest away (will be removed from game). TOXIC (X) Instantly receives X Damage Markers.