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Once you have everything you need to play it is time to set up a Batman Miniatures Game. First place the terrain elements available and get it Band ready according to the established reputation. Then pick a scenario and, you are ready to start playing!

By mutual agreement, the players must place all the terrain elements at their disposal and also
 must establish: which elements are objects or difficult terrain, which small or vertical, etc.. They must also establish the objects that can be manipulated and what is the result of it, if it is not covered in the scenario rules.


First you must set how much Reputation each player can spend to configure his Band. Usually both players have the same Reputation. We recommend a maximum of 150points (pts) for short games and 450pts for 2 hour games, with 350pts the recommended Reputation for the scenarios presented in this rules.

Now you can start selecting characters, remember that the sum of the Reputation of each character can never exceed the maximum Reputation established.

Each player must choose a "Band Leader" between the characters ranked as "Leader" or "Sidekick". All other characters of each Band must have the same affiliation as the "Band Leader". If a character has an "Unknown" affiliation they may be elected by any Band.

All characters have any of the following ranks: Leader, Sidekick, Henchman or
Free Agent. This rank determines your choices as follows:

• You can only include 1 Leader. This must be the "Band Leader"
• You can only include 1 Sidekick, unless you choose a Sidekick as "Band Leader". In this case you may include a second Sidekick.
• You can only include 1 Free Agent every 150 reputation points of the Band total.
• You can include any number of Henchmen.
• You cannot include two of the same character, unless they are a Henchman.

Many of the characters have a cost in $ indicated on his Character Card, representing the quality
and quantity of the equipment they carry. A Band cannot spend more than $500 per 150pts of Reputation. You can spend this money on characters or equipment for the Henchmen.

You can choose from a number of strategies to achieve your plans of victory. First choose strategies and then follow this phases order:

Choosing Strategies.
Each strategy has a value ranging from 1 to 3. Players can choose strategies up to a maximum value of 3. Strategies should be played in the indicated phase (value/phase):

• 3/A Global Plan – you can choose the scenario, instead of a random pick. If both players choose this strategy they cancel each other.

• 2/C Fast Advance - Increases your deployment area by 10cm. If you have two zones, increase each 5cm. If both players choose this strategy they cancel each other.

• 2/C Ambush - Deploy your entire Band after the other player. If both players choose this strategy they cancel each other.

• 1/C Patrol - You can place a miniature 10cm outside your deployment zone. If there is no deployment zone, you gain +1 to the entry roll in the game zone.

-1/C Reinforcements – you can wait till the “Raise the Plan” stage of the second round to deploy a miniature if successfully rolling a 4+ on 1 die. You can deploy at any edge of the playing area which does not correspond to the enemy deployment zone.

• 1/B Maps – gets 2 extra Lamp posts or 1 Manhole.
• 1/ A Secret Objective - Obtain 1 additional objective of your choice (maximum 1).

• 1/ A Change of plans - Roll two dice, move an objective as many cm as the sum of the roll in the direction of your choice ,one use only (use this strategy only after placing in the game zone the objective markers).

• 2/? Informer - Cancels enemy strategy at the time it is used. An Informer can cancel another Informer.

• 2/E Early Bird - You choose who takes the lead in the first round without taking any Counter from the container. If both players choose this strategy they cancel each other.

• 2/E Battle Cry - Your Band flees (see Run Away) when your Reputation is reduced by 80% or more of its starting number of characters.

• 3/C Perfect Plan - At the beginning of the game add an extra Counter, for your Band, to determine who takes the lead.