Scenario Selectionurban_furniturebandsobjectivesstart playing

Phase A/ Scenario Election.
Roll a die to see what scenario you will play and select from the list below.

1: Chance Encounter | 2: Plunder | 3: Patrol | 4: Skirmish | 5: Securing the Area | 6: Ambush

1 - Chance Encounter
The bands cross the city towards a special mission. They suddenly encounter and the battle begins...

Scenario Special Rule:
Game length: 8 rounds (Take the Lead: 4 counters per player).

All the miniatures begin outside the playing area. At the beginning of the round, roll a die per each miniature, place the miniatures in the edges following the die result (see image).
- With a 6, you can choose the edge.
- With a 1 result, the miniature must try again in the next round.

All the objectives must be placed in the central zone wich is considered the enemy objective deployment zone.

Bonus VPs:
-Hurry up, take it all!!!
3VP to the first player who controls one of his own objectives (if both players do it in the same round 1VP per player).

-First Strike!!
1VP for the first player who KOs an enemy.